ULL Support

The LPTFA is proud to support the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in a number of ways. We believe that showing significant support for the local university is one of the most effective and important ways that our trust can benefit the people of Lafayette.

As the authorized Bond Issuer for Ragin Cajun Facilities, Inc., the LPTFA is able to issue revenue bonds to help fund various ULL building initiatives.

The LPTFA provided a $400,000 no-interest loan to Ragin Cajun Facilities, Inc. in order to give financial support to the UL Lafayette Building Institute in building urban, green, infill homes.  The project that the LPTFA has supported include the Event House , the BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home, the NEXThouse and the COURhouse.

The LPTFA places great emphasis on helping our community and is pleased to be able to support UL Lafayette in these and future endeavors.